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Case file

Application No:11/00292/CON
Registration Date:19 Apr 2011

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Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
19 Apr 2011  Application Form  Application Form-300890.pdf / Application Form-300890 Thumbnails    
19 Apr 2011  Supporting Information  Supporting Information-300891.pdf / Supporting Information-300891 Thumbnails   ADDITIONAL 
19 Apr 2011  Supporting Information  Supporting Information-300892.pdf / Supporting Information-300892 Thumbnails   LAND CONTAMINATION REPORT 
19 Apr 2011  Supporting Information  Supporting Information-300893.pdf / Supporting Information-300893 Thumbnails   DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300894.pdf   LOCATION PLAN 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300895.pdf   PROPOSED ELEVATIONS 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300896.pdf   EXISTING UPPER FLOOR PLAN 02 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300897.pdf   EXISTING UPPER FLOOR PLAN 01 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300898.pdf   EXISTING LOWER FLOOR PLAN 01 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300899.pdf   EXISTING ELEVATIONS 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300900.pdf   EXISTING LOWER FLOOR PLAN 02 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300901.pdf   PROPOSED LOWER FLOOR PLAN 01 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300902.pdf   PROPOSED LOWER FLOOR PLAN 02 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300903.pdf   ACCESS LEVEL PLAN 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300904.pdf   PROPOSED UPPER FLOOR PLAN 01 
19 Apr 2011  Drawing  Drawing-300906.pdf   PROPOSED UPPER FLOOR PLAN 02 
05 May 2011  Drawing  Drawing-301681.pdf   ACCESS DRIVE (LOCATION PLAN) 
05 May 2011  Drawing  Drawing-301682.pdf   ACCESS TO EXISTING MILL 
24 May 2011  Supporting Information  Supporting Information-303544.pdf / Supporting Information-303544 Thumbnails   SUPPORTING STATEMENT PROPOSALS 
14 Sep 2011  Decision Notice  Decision Notice-312697.pdf    
14 Sep 2011  Applicant Correspondence  Applicant Correspondence-312698.pdf    
14 Sep 2011  Other  Other-312723.pdf   PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SHEET 
15 Sep 2011  Representations  Representations-312724.pdf   PUBLIC 
15 Sep 2011  Drawing  Drawing-312734.pdf   SITE LOCATION PLAN 

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